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Get paid faster with lower fees

Most credit cards have high fees, checks and money orders are slow and inconvenient. Gain competitive advantage with BitRail’s better and cheaper payment solutions. We’re bringing the future of payments right to your desktop and mobile device.


Know your customer ensures simple trusted transactions with our identity verification platform.


BitRail provides anti-money laundering compliance to ensure simple and trusted transactions.


BitRail is signing up merchants to offer thousands of products available for simple transactions.

Credit card got you down?

Use BitRail and you no longer have to worry about credit card chargebacks. We make transactions simple for everyone involved. 

Branded Coins

BitRail replaces the need for other costly and time-consuming payment options like money orders or credit cards that have high fees compared to average credit card company. BitRail transactions are legal, fully compliant and secure. FreedomCoin is the first available. More coming soon.

Security is a big deal around here.

Identity Verification

BitRail uses the latest encryption protocols to ensure all information and transactions are transmitted securely and confidentially.

Fraud Detection

Transactions are monitored continuously to ensure they comply with federal Anti-Money Laundering laws and regulations.

BitRail Security

Along with encryption protocols, KYC and AML, and the blockchain to write transactions, we use best practices to ensure everything is securely stored.